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Your fair Helen awaits

I have chosen you of all the Parises in this world

I’m coming, my love!


I lived in the netherworld

Not really existing

But storms exist for stormy souls

A crack of light

Fire in the clouds

Heavy hands of rain

Drenched, soaked

I came into this world, alive.


Of all the streets in all the cities

In all the moments

In every class of wine.

no, it didn’t have to be you-

But did it?


I choose you, today, tonight, and in the morning

That day when my soul was split

Looking into your eyes,

I saw myself within.

Somewhere in that moment

When a universe came into being

Out of nothing

A choice beyond the boundaries of what was

Writing that scribbled past the page.

Something there that wasn’t there before.


I don’t know who this is

Who is going to Paris

Is she a goddess, or a mortal

How did she get here?

It’s a story so old i don’t remember,

An everyday detail I can’t recall.


What shall I do when I get there?

Well, God only knows–

Isn’t that why I’m going?


There are many Parises,

But you, o you dear are the one I choose.

I gave up all my possibilities,

But you gave me life.