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That’s not an easy thing to extend to yourself, let alone to something else.

It’s hard to admit that yes, I actually like my blank white spaces.

I can actually enjoy where I’ve got curves and curls and circles where I am “supposed” to be square and hard and right-angled.

Somehow it’s easier to be ok with the fact that I just can’t and don’t have a plan, that I really am just living in the moment, and am no longer a prisoner of my expectations.

To say to this life, “I love you as you are.”

To say to someone you love, “I love you just as you are, I wouldn’t change a thing!”

To say to yourself, “I’m not who I planned on being or the person I thought I wanted to be, but I am worthy of love and fearfully and wonderfully made.”

This is not what I expected, this is not what i worked for, this is not what I longed for.

But wow, this is beautiful. Not anyway, not in spite of, not because of. Just because. It just is.