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There are so many things my ego self would love to change about me. A lot of these changes would be truly beneficial. But as much as some of the results would make me healthier in one way, I just can’t stand to be fixed anymore; I surrender.

Not to a life of giving in to every impulse, rationalizing my problems away, and accepting less than my best.

But rather to a life where I love myself, and try to help that person the way I’d try to help my best friend. I’d do what I could to fix the problem, but I would tell her how wonderful she was. I’d remind her that she was facing a difficult situation and only human. I wouldn’t tell her there’s something wrong with her; I would tell her she only needed to remember how awesome she actually was. I might buy her ice cream, a glass of wine, or tell her to take a day off from working so hard; but beyond all these little indulgences, I would give her a gift from the abundance of my own heart: compassion. I would forgive her whatever petty wrongs she might have done against me from being in her own funk, and I would just let those things go. I would remind my friend of the life full of promise she had ahead of her, and that things weren’t as bad as they seemed.

You know what, there’s someone new I’m going to ask to be my friend today.

May all beings be happy and free.