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So I’m facing up to the fact that my life will always be out of my control, that I will always love the chaos, and that no matter how much I might aspire to be a real grown up or make a real comitment, we are all just riding the wave.

It’s not about living in France or not building a “real” career, or staying young and single. Life is just crazy- it doesn’t need eternal love to give it meaning, or ridiculous achivement, or really anything. It’s just a process of creating yourself, and it’s something that can’t be compared.

Even the ground beneath our feet is not truly stable. Earth is a living planet, and life means change, constant change. To stay young forever would be more boring in its way than to age.

I just want to keep growing towards the sun, to stretch my leaves out, drink the rain, and just exist a little more. Not so worried, not so tense, not so eager to know all the answers. Just grow, and be beautiful.