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That good things are coming, that we can flourish today, that untold blessings are near.

That we will look back on this and realize how it was the prelude to something great, and there is actually a lot of sweetness in this moment and season of life.

That yes, dreams can and do come true, even if not always in the way we expected. And that it can happen for us; that we are just as deserving as little girls dreaming of princes, far away castles, and Disneyworld- innocent, free, blameless, and infinitely beautiful.

That this life, already so bountiful with blessings, will blossom once more.

That somewhere, deep at the heart of us, we are good, life is good, and God dwells within- waiting, listening, laughing.

And we can once more live in joyful hope- free of sorrow, unburdened of expectations, liberated from fear, self doubt, and every illusion.

Hope is a very real real thing. And yes, dreams do come true.

They have come true beyond your wildest dreams in this past, made you blessed beyond all telling at every step of your much-loved and loving life, and yes, you can finally accept, even without understanding, that thing with feathers-

An angel’s wing in your soul-


May you be blessed with this great gift.