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Well that’s a dirty rotten lie but it’s a pretty good proportion of the truth. I remember how he held me when we were just watching TV or rather he had on wrestling or some stupid guy show and I was just happy and satisfied and sleepy and happy to be there. I remember how I wasn’t sure how to be sitting next to him and felt shy about being too clingy but he just held me and that was that. I remember talking about nothing for twenty minutes, especially one time when I was worried since he hadn’t texted me back for a while, and then neither of us really wanting to hang up the phone so there was just silence at times but reluctance to go. And that’s why I keep wishing for him. Not because we went on some amazing date that was out of this world, because he fulfills all my checkboxes, because he’s never disappointed me (he has), or because he is a perfect person.

Compared to those few precious moments, everything else is noise.