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My appearance will not dictate my self worth.

Stepping on a scale will not ruin my day.

I will not set unattainable goals that aren’t healthy and achievable for MY body.

I will work out because it feels good and because I want to be healthy.

I will dress myself in a way that shows I am proud of who I am.

I will not obsess over whether he called or texted or emailed me yet.

I will not jump into bed or hold out or use sex to motivate a man to treat me a certain way. I will not have sex with anyone who disrespects me or who simply doesn’t please me.

I will not feel incomplete because I am not in a relationship. I will not stay single because I can’t keep my independence in a couple.

I will not shrink from emotional intimacy. I will open myself in safe, mutually supportive friendships and relationships.

I will not use romantic comedies as my model for what life should be.

I will not obsess over a man who does is not responsive AND proactive in developing our relationship.

I will not wonder what’s wrong with me or complain about what’s wrong with him; I will not get involved with anyone who I think needs to be “fixed” or “needs a woman in his life.” I will choose a partner who is healthy and human to grow with.

I will not make my twenties about a race to the altar.

I will marry someone because I want to be married to them and share my life with them.

I will support myself financially.

I will grow my skills in a career that fits my values and lifestyle goals.

I will empower other women by my own example and with personal and professional support. I will pay it forward regardless of gender, race, or any other group affiliation.

I will speak up in meetings.

I will get paid what I’m worth.

I will dare to believe I will find someone who will love and support me in all aspects of my life, including my career.

I will see the world, bringing the image of an empowered woman to the four corners of the globe.

I will be tolerant of local customs but always clear on my rights and strong in my personal values.

I will be myself, day in day out every day. I will learn and grow and never stop becoming more myself. I will dare to be myself, and celebrate my womanhood as part of that.

I will be human, and enjoy life 🙂