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I just got done reading a cool book about the life and times of Muhammed, basically that he was a super awesome and progressive guy for his time and he would weep to see what some people have done to his message.

What really struck me was the idea of submission to God- the actual translation of Islam.

The idea that we are all here due to God’s goodness, and that the world really is in His hands. To find peace, we must surrender to His (using masculine because it’s easier) will, which is for our highest good and moreover, allows us to live more fully since we come from God’s goodness and grace is our true nature.

This weekend at Mass, the priest talked about being yourself, that being the holy creation you were born to be is God’s will, and we have to live our lives with that conviction, perseverance, and faith. And Grace is always with us.

Sounds like Catholicism and Islam have  a lot in common right?

In my own little personal life, I’ve been challenged to accept the changes in myself, or rather, God’s plan revealing itself in my life. I’m not the person I planned to be, and the dreams I dream now are so different from what I imagined I’d want, and moreover, from what I thought I was supposed to want.

I’ve felt so much shame over feelings like not being normal, not being good enough, not achieving enough, not fitting in.

But what I am is a child of God.

Spirit is the antidote to shame.

And so really all my fears are unfounded, if I only follow the Divine Light within and without and everywhere.

So I surrender, I submit to the will of God in my life, wherever the Spirit pulls me.

“Man is the straight path, God is the abyss…JUMP!” as a wise friend once told me.

Sounds like