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What if someone told you your deepest dream could come true? A desire ignited the moment your interlocutor dared speak the words that up to that point, were hidden to yourself under the label “Fantasy.” Those things that are beautiful but simply can’t happen. Beautiful dreams that safely inspire and pose no threat of changing anything.

And then you found out, yes, me, I, can have my very own powerful. No, those limits are only illusions. There is a deeper magic at work in this world than anything they teach you about “the real world.” So much of what you have believed up to this point has just been lies.

Yes, Fairyland exists, but it rains there, too. Neverland is real, but even there, our bodies do age if not our spirits.

In order to go there, though, you must leave everything behind. All your plans for the future. Your comfortably limited perspective, the bliss of what is safe and known and seemingly, though certainly not, predictable. You have to give up control.

If you go there, you can never be the same again. If you stay here, you will change too, and you never know when or if the door will open up to this other world again.

You must say goodbye to your family, to everything that is dear. Even to your familiar miseries.

Will you enter the gate? Will you make the pilgrimage? Will you go and dare risk that you might start to believe in magic? That you will find magic and joy and delight beyond what you’ve known before?

Will you dare to expand your consciousness, to change? Will you dare to ask for happiness, to let yourself be happy?

Do you have the courage to live your dream?

If so, the journey will never end. There will be no where to go back to, the narrative cannot pick up where it left off, and the voice of the narrator and more importantly, her thoughts, will be irrevocably altered.

You will be transformed into something you don’t yet know.


A small voice answers,

“Yes, I do. I want to go.

I am brave and ready.”