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God bless you, fellow traveler
Thank you for the moments that didn’t last
Thank you for the smiles that faded
Thank you for being with me, during the time we had

Our love died but it helped me to live

You could say it was pointless
The nights of passion, the days of joy
You could say it was silly
The tears shed, the time spent staving off the end

You are not the one, and I love you for it
You transient, ephemeral, point of light on my long dark journey
You short phrase clearly punctuated with a period.
You jukebox lover whose tune didn’t stretch to eternity.

Thank you Thank you
for living my life with me
Thank you for givne me something to laugh and cry about
Maybe one day I’ll say you helped get me ready for the ONE
But I’ll say now, thank you for helping me be me
Thank you thank you
For the love you brought to my life.