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I’m a fucking badass. (As are you)
I have so much power to change my life.
I am brimming with possibility and strength.
I can’t control the motion of the ocean but I’m a damn good surfer.

There’s no nobility in poverty, no merit in feigning weakness when we are all gifted with incredible power.

Yes, power.

Sometimes it feels that YOU MUST do what “they” tell you even when you know it is stupid or wrong in order to be good. That you can’t be as loud and colorful and sexy and awesome as you, that you don’t deserve to know happiness and freedom and the sheer force of your inner STRENGTH.

Being anything less than the person that I am, because others don’t have the privilege of being me, is an insult to myself and to God.

I’m not sorry to say nobody quite has the same sparkle in their eye.

I am a supernova, a chariot of flesh pushing onward, a bright light in the vastness of space.
Or as Katy Perry would say, You’re gonna hear me ROAR.

And there’s nothing you can do about it, or should.
I’m not going to play more quietly.
I’m not going to put this light under a bushel basket.
Don’t dare be fucking offended when I decide to be my full self.

I will not shoot myself in the foot to give you an unfair advantage.
I will not tell myself I don’t deserve it in order to let you win.
I WON’T be less than I know I can be.

As they say, this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.

I am a champion.

I’m not going to waste my life trying to be like you.
I’m not going to kill another minute playing by YOUR rules.

I’m not going to keep quiet and shut up because that’s what nice girls do.


I take responsibility for my own life.
And I won’t be one iota, one penny, one megawatt less than my own amazing self.

Thank you very much.

Stop telling me my shining is an insult to God when it’s just an aspersion on you.
Don’t tell me i’s more noble or delicate or kind to lose than win, that I have to feign weakness in order to deserve your favor.

I’m going to rock this world, and I’m not going to stop screaming my name, for all to hear, down the city streets and over the bend.

YES, this is me.

I will let the bestial sound rip through my throat, dare to look in the mirror and see- a dragon, a wolf, a tiger, a queen.

There is no honor in surrendering your dearest, best self. There is no honor in being less than all you are.

And it is so much, it almost feels indecent.
But it’s not- it’s just so abundant, so lavish, so incredible.

What a gift, this life.
MY life.

ME. Now. here.