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I want you to eat me
So that I can live inside you forever
Like Jonah in the whale,
A prophetess consumed.

Take my every sigh, every pound of flesh
Every purr you elicit from my body
Take it all-not my hopes, not my fears,
No mind,
Simply all of me.

I will consume you
Your laugh, your crow’s feet eyes,
Your soul that is wide open to me.
If only you could simply crawl back into me,
and we could be as we always were.
I take you in with my lips, my ears, my thighs,
Ever hungry for you.
The only hole I have that will fit all of you–
Is not of this world.
Please love, come back to me.

Lie beside me, within me, all through me,
Let us be as one,
The way we were before time.

You are me and I am yours,
Body, breath, soul,
Everything of me that this life has given.
Come love, be mine,
Come into me.
Open your mouth and eat me,
Piece by piece, hair by hair, kiss by kiss.
Leave nothing, not even the bones.

This is my sacrifice to you, O Love,
Bless my lover, bless my soul, forever.