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It’s not all about high-flying adventures and feats of derring-do.
No, I’m learning a lot about courage- it’s not always action, it’s action at the right moment.
The most intimate, vulnerable, opportune moment. To say the thing that needs to be said when you most need to say it.
It is not word vomit, it is not over sharing, it is not clamming up either. It is not a futile act of denial, a self righteous ill-starred plunge, a random stab into the celestial fault, no denial of what is.
This isn’t about a fight with reality, it is about living, really, truly, authentically, humbly under the stars of all that is.

Sometimes, it’s just patience.
This is one of those times.

And so I am waiting for my turn to speak-
I am brave now, humbly doing nothing,
I will be courageous then, to speak my truth.

And to do all this, I must make the ultimate leap- faith. In myself, in another, and in fate/destiny itself.

God has always been good to me.

So I jump, into the moment, into the fray, into the stillness of my waiting soul.