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As a beast,
Like a tempest rages through the dark forest
As blood drips from his mouth and from his flesh-shredding claws
Seeks satisfaction
From his aggression-
Corpes shrewn about, trees trampled in his anger.

So I too, stagnate
In my peace and innocence
I long to heal, to save
My tenderness stifles
like a river flooding the plain
Or worse, the grove within my soul of surpassing beauty
Timeless, ever spring, unchanging.

O come find me, wretched,
I wait for you, with a virgin’s unpracticed patience
Not knowing the joy you will bring me,
When you surrender to my innocence
And lay your head upon my lap.

I am so complete, so perfect
Dead despite my eternal youth-
What of my beauty, without your eyes to look upon it,
Even if, when you make me flower,
My body begins its decay?

I long to heal, to save you
But it’s I who crave you-
Your barely concealed violence,
The way you restrain yourself from tearing me apart,
The way your tenderness exceeds your aggression
As an ocean is greater than the sea
Just the thought of your sweets cuts into my soul.

Are you looking for me too-
My crazed, tormented monster?
I know you exist as I know
Light follows dark, rivers flow into the sea-
If you are afraid, my love,
Know that you could never love more than me.