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The only thing,
That could tear me apart
Into a million more pieces,
Than my love for you-
would be your love for me.

I love you
Like a child adores a distant star
My most intimate companion
Your sweetest admirer.
If only you could come down and play with me.
You feel so near-
Your light shines upon my face,
and I am wholly renewed.

I was a virgin when I met you-
Though I’d known and loved before.
No one can make me feel the way you do.
When you came to me,
You destroyed my world,
And when you left,
Seeds grew in the ashes.

Dear love,
I do not know what I am asking for,
I do not know if when the hurricane comes to stay
It becomes only a gentle breeze,
And the ocean of my love
Could shrink to a babbling brook.

I don’t know how many more worlds you will destroy
Or what world we could create.
I don’t know what will be left of me
If you make me yours.
Certainly, I will not be as I am now.
Doubtless, like the ground when the rain falls upon it,
Tiny shards will pierce my body when the green grass grows.

And when you love me,
With your soft kisses and your tender hands,
The sword you thought you gave up,
That fell from its buckle about your waist
Will cut me apart,
And I will die, leaving this world for heaven,
Returning only for the ecstasy of your embrace,
Transformed- no longer my self.

But dearest, what is life without you?
A ripe vineyard concealing a barren wasteland,
So thirsty despite the wine flowing freely.

To be with you, to leave the richness of my father’s house
To give up the freedom of a maiden,
To know however gentle a man you might be
However much consumed by love for me-
By accepting your love, you will become my master?

And yet to stay, is to partake in a feast with no appetite
To own all the beauty of the world,
With no one to share it with-
No one whose eyes are my eyes,
Whose heart, shared, beats in my breast?

The truth is, when you love me,
you set me free from all the opposites,
You break and liberate every rules,
Until there is nothing left but the fullness of me,
The wholeness
Until there is nothing left but everything and nothing,
and you and I,
And the goodness of it all.