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I’d always dreamed of finding a place of peace, harmony, and honestly, really being happy with myself.
And I’ve found it.
I can feel my center, and when I start to slip off of it, and the things that place me back firmly where I am meant to be.

I feel like I’m living la vie en rose. And I am.

Because I’m living in Paris?
Because I just bought a ukelele and I”m going to learn to sing and play La Vie en Rose like the mother?
Because I am getting great friends and doing all the things I always wanted to do?

and no.

These things wouldn’t be possible with the love in my own heart and going with the flow of life. The fact that I ended up in France was a happy accident that was a result of not getting a job when I graduated from college. The fact that I am making friends who are like me is only a by-product of saying yes to myself. Not only because people can tell whether you are genuine or not, but also because I followed my heart and found people my heart likes too.

And how did I find that trust in myself, to just let me be-
well I found faith in something greater, too.

So there is a rollicking adventure story of how I’ve made my way to the other side of the pond and the awesome life I am living here but there is also the story of someone growing up, and letting life be an adventure.

Because most of what makes life awesome is pretty ordinary, unless you realize the most important things are also the ones that are most difficult to come by, and sometimes easiest to take for granted.

And the truth is, I felt like I had to go to Paris because that’s what I believed my heart wanted, and the truth is that I wanted to find myself and that’s what I did.