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What if I told you that,
the thing that tortured you most,
The reason why you can never relax
Why you can never feel like there will be enough,
why you always KNOW you are so fatally flawed,
what if I told you you were wrong?

That there’s nothing wrong with you.
There is nothing that needs to be fixed.
And the same hand that made you, made the rest of the world.

Imperfect, we say.
But whose big lie is that?
That there is not some order to it all?
And when it comes to it, all the suffering,
it all comes back to the big lie?

What if I told you that
You were really safe
That this world is really good,
And you are perfect?
How would your life change?
How would you feel?

If I told you,
You can let this big lie go,
You can live without it,
You will still be strong and fast and brave,
You will still strive,
But now you can play,
Without fear.

What if I told you,
the truth?

Love wins.