Dear C,
I love you.
I know I sometimes tell you I love you as a being and as a person, and all that is true.
But the more I know you, the more I love you.
Like, always want to be near you, never want to stop talking with you, want nothing more than to throw my arms around you love you.
The more I know about you, the deeper I know you, the more openly we share, I love you more.
My heart is so full for you and yet this is a love that is truly free.
Because we are apart, and I want you to be happy, and me too.
And I want so much to be happy with you.
I want to talk to you now, but I”m shy and want you to want to talk to me.
Most importantly, I want to give you your space because I know you need that.
The more I know you, the more I respect you and cherish you as a friend.
You are such a good person, you have so much goodness in you.
You are so complex, so multifaceted, all I want is to hear you talk for hours.
I can’t wait to hear your voice again.
And when it comes to forever, yours is the only face I see.
And now, in this moment, I love you.
Even if I can’t tell you, right now, I hope that you know.
I love you.