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It wasn’t that you had the chance to take long walks,
Or that it was lovely to live with your friends at university-

It wasn’t that you were away from your loved ones and learned solitude,
It wasn’t about the sophistication of the city-

It wasn’t the gentle rhythms of provincial life,
It wasn’t even the students who loved you-

It wasn’t that you were falling in love,
It wasn’t that you felt like you belonged somewhere, for the first time-

No, it was because you accepted yourself and your life fully at that moment
You accepted the growing still to be down,
You were grateful for the path you’d already walked,
And you knew how precious and passing the moment was.

Yes, it was because France was beautiful,
Yes, it was because he was so sweet,
Yes, it was because you were living in a wonderful,
Yes, it was because you were really making progress on your goals,
Yes, it was because Crossfit hurts like fuck and then you feel great after,
Yes it was because you are a natural teacher,
Yes, it’s because you know however far away he is, he loves you.

Don’t mistake the treasures of the moment,
For the treasure of this moment.
Don’t mistake the things you love,
For opening up to love of self.
Don’t regret the roads not taken,
Don’t stress about the choice still to come,
Just let go,
Dig in,
And roll with life, right now.