I’m doing a lot better than I was- A LOT- but I still haven’t really gone out to meet new people or see more sights, which I feel like I SHOULD do.
Sometimes it’s nice just to be lazy.
Also I feel like I should, and want to, practice my ukelele, but it’s just hard to start and get through the bumps. I want to be an expert already.

In gneral though, life is feeling a lot calmer. I even got a compliment from my boss.
I also just had a split second realization that I am never going to feel fully satisfied from my job and present career path, because it’s not my purpose.
But maybe for the moment it’s ok.

I want to write, to teach, to comment- and at least the work I’m doing now is giving me perspective and a good income to experience life.

And maybe it’s ok that sometimes I just want to sleep in, take care of business, and talk to an old friend and write. Maybe I don’t have to do anything else, not even play my ukelele.

AnI have created a nice little spot for myslf up here. Maybe I just wanted to write.

I like it here, I knwo I will have to leave, but I still have work to do here and things to see.
Go to Prague
Go to Naples to visit my friend
Go to Barcelona and PARTY
Go to Morocco
And as alwys, perfect my French

I also want to continue to get more fit and b healthy.

A lot of questions remain.

But luckily I’ve found some great friends on the path.
And that’s the most important thing- I’m tuning in, I’m listening to my heart, and even if I just relax all day, I am going somewhere!