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I gave away my love for you,
This cool July night.
Because my heart is bleeding,
And you haven’t come yet.

It wasn’t your fault.
You didn’t have to love me, though I know you did.
Not because it was my fault for not seducing you into action.
Just because we were parted
And you wouldn’t fix our re-severed hearts.
You wouldn’t ignore everything,
To have my precious pricelss love.

So I give my love away
Not because a more noble night on a whiter mount came to save me,
Not because you stopped being my hero for even a second.

I gave away my love for you,
My most beloved folly, the pearl I dived the oean for,
I cast it bak into the sea, to the night, to the heavens.
That it might rain down and water the earth,
That my tears will nourish the fishes,
Insead of burning salt in my veins,
Terrible fire in my heart.

I gave away my love for you,
Not so my wounded, bleeding heart could be healed
With the adjunction of anothers’-
I gave away my love so I could be free.