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Just watch it.

I think my favorite part is about finding the “it” of life by being fuly immersed in the how.

No, you can’t hack life.
But life isn’t meant to be hacked.

It really is about the journey- it’s the journey that gives us meaning and purpose, win, lose or draw.

It’s the really low moments that give us the greatest meaning and fill us with purpose and power.

It’s not about failing, or succeding, but about putting the last drop of blood into something, which is terrifying and exciting.

Meaning isn’t something we find, it’s something we create.

I’ve bene looking for something external, or for some gigantic life change, to make me happy and to make all the puzzl pieces fall together. I’ve been trying to hack my life. In my case, a good example of this is weight loss- I almost feel like it “doesn’t count” that I’ve lose ten pounds in three months. But it does.
And quite possibly one of my greatest triumphs is speaking French- I am in love with the process- not only do I speak incredible French, but I enjoy it like few other things. I have learned to fail, and learn from it without shame.

A long time ago I ran cross country. I was never any good at it, I mainly did it to stay in shape. But boy, was it good for me. Probably the only thing in my life at that time where I wasn’t thinking I should be the best, and one of the biggest personal triumphs I’ve ever had.

It’s not just the jubliance of the prize, it’s the inner joy of the journey, the trimph of everyday living and little by little day by day courag that gives life meaning. Finding incredible peace and joy in the now as we become our best selves and make the world around us better.

Namaste dudes!