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I feel in general good about life, but also really shitty about the fact that the dude hasn’t texted me back. He’s been posting on facebook, and I know he has a phone, so why ignore me? Just to aggravate me? Or because he doesn’t give a shit, and whatever attraction he had was based on the idea I was unavailable and difficult?
And what do I do now? Just wait?
Realize that I am crazytown?
Get mad at myself for squishing the delicate kitten of blooming feeligs to death, yet again? Learn the only way to attract a man is to play mindgames?
Or mayb just take a second and not overreact.
Maybe just trust that this is how it is all working out for the best, and maybe all is not as it seems.
And actually there’s nothing wrong with me, and nothing strange about someone potentially being attracted to me.
And regarldess of the outcome, I am hopeful of the absolute best- that in my own due time I will find the right person.
Much as I question many things, I know that real authetnic love is a journey I want to take.
And I know that the more I pour myself into the step I am on, the readier I will be when that person comes along.