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As per usual, my feelings towards life have shifted again. While acknowledging how sometimes seemingly unnecessarily difficult my life is because I live in a foreign country, particularly France, I just keep falling in love with it all the same. And while I might stress and strain, analyzing how one climate might benefit me over another, I do forget an important element-


I need to believe in myself.
That’s the main change I need to make in my life.

And if I am happy with where I am, so be it. No need to think I am dooming myself to mediocrity by following my heart. Instead, fueled by a life of passion, there’s no limit to what I can achieve.

Even in Europe, where people don’t seem to think that way so much. ALl the more reason I can make a difference.

I am surrounded by reasons to be happy, completely showered with blessings all the time. I say that I am fighting against the current, that I am treading water when I should be flying, but the truth is that I am utterly submerged in beauty, love, and possibility. I am not alone. I am not out of my element- I am a fish in water- regardless of what labels I put upon myself might say. I, myself, am happy. THe fact that I have found my way here is nothing short of a miracle, and yet, I have to acknowledge not only the grace of God in putting me here, but also the special treasure that is being myself, and the leading the life that is mine to experience. I strive and strain to accomplish things, but just being who I am is all I ever really needed in order to stumble upon the most important things. Life doesn’t really require a plan or strategy, regardless of how much we think it does or how such things may make us feel safe or in control.

And I am now wholly given to the path, to the place I am now, and know that THIS HERE NOW is the only real destination, though I may end up on the other side of an ocean or even somewhere beyond anything I ever dreamed.

All that’s needed is to fully enjoy each moment, and take advantage of the ideas right in front of me. šŸ™‚