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A long time ago, about four years to be exact, a lost, lonely girl met a lost, lonely guy. But neither of them were really sad at heart; they were both dreamers and doers and found solace in each other’s company. It was a love that didn’t require touch, but the last time they were to see each other, at least for a very long time because only God knows for these things, they finally did kiss. The girl had never felt that way before, and wouldn’t again, for a long time.

She told him how she felt- he said it couldn’t be for they were to part and live their separate journeys.

But they kept in touch, sometimes best of friends, yet sometimes she would feel abandoned because he didn’t write back to her. She kept on writing all the same, eventually. And he couldn’t say it because he couldn’t lead her astray- she was winning awards, gaining titles, and seeing faraway lands- but he loved her, in his way too. Sometimes as just a friend, and sometimes as the woman he wanted by his side, and to mother his children.

Yet deep inside, I think he knew from the begining it was not to be. And he loved again. And the girl held on, because in her travels, so often lonesome, she didn’t met anyone who compared to him. And yet, there came a point when she too, wanted someone on her side on her path, and he was no where to be found. And sometimes it felt like he just couldn’t hear her, couldn’t feel her loneliness for him, and didn’t return her love and devotion.

The man remain a mystery, even to himself.

One day, not long after the girl told him of her plans to return to their shared favorite town, he just stopped answering. The last thing he said to her was that a lot had happened and he asked where she was calling from. He did envy her adventures, yet he stayed home.

And the girl stopped calling for him, knowing that for one reason or another, he didn’t want to talk to her anymore. And she was mad and sad and disappointed. She felt hurt and betrayed. Still worried for him though.

But reluctantly, yet with a sigh of relief. she said her goodbye.

It’s said that not all words have to rhyme and not all stories have a clear-cut, happy ending.

Maybe they will see each other again, though the girl isn’t sure he could win back her friendship, let alone her heart. She wants a man who can be her hero.

The girl, grateful for her adventures, dreams of home, yet she loves where she is.

But it’s alright. The spirit moves in mysterious ways. And whether it was a happy ending or not, it did.

Sometimes love makes us happy, but it can also awaken the sublime, the tidal forces within and without us that guide us to our destiny- and destination. There are forces in this world beyond our control, and love is one of them.

There are moments you realize that the journey is more important than the destination, yet without the destination, there wouldn’t be a true journey.

Every step is the journey, we can escape the path no more than we could escape the love of God.

And we are blessed, she is blessed, I am blessed- to have loved.