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The reason why you fail to recognize someone who is good or bad for you is because you don’t know or accept yourself.

Most people tell you everything you need to know about them in your first conversation.

You can’t change people.

Don’t try to change people.

You can’t fix people.

You can’t save people.

It’s not your job.

He’s just not that into you not if he doesn’t follow some arbitrary “rule,” but rather if he doesn’t want to see or talk to you. Besides that a man does not have to be a lap dog to show he likes you.

You don’t have a type, you have an imprint of the kind of person you think you should look for approval from.

When you find what you’re looking for, it won’t look like you expected

WHen you get all you’re asking for, it won’t be as easy as you expected

Don’t look for a type, notice your feelings

If you love something set it free

Live and love without expectation

Don’t worry