My desires:
to stay in Paris as long as my heart finds its deepest contenment here and to stay in France as long as it keeps making my soul happy; to always answer the call of life wherever it takes me
to stay open to life and always touch the joy and peace within
A job where I am able to make my highest contribution and am valued, esteemed, and rewarded for it; a positive, warm, friendly work atmosphere; to continue to develop my talents in leadership, communication, diplomacy, and persuasion; to have more opportunities to lead and manage; to continue to work in a rich multicultural environment where my language and cross cultural competence can shine; to be richly compensated
to live in material abundance; to have plenty of money to pay all my bills and pay of all my loans, including accelerating my student loan repayment, while saving and investing in myself
a new apartment in paris that is significantly larger and better appointed than my current one, in a location that is a good fit with my personality and desires; a place i can envision making a home for the 2-3 years because it meets all my needs and most of my wants; no more than 40 minutes commute from my job and hopefully less, ideally situated so that i could walk to work
to continue expanding my circle of friends and my expat family; to strengthen my bonds with my alumni community and take a leadership position among them; to continually try new things and meet new people while establishing a core group of loving, loyal, steadfast friends who can provide advice, perspective, and encouragement as well as having a really fun time with or being able to just do nothing at all or the same old thing; to find people who i can support to their highest good, make them laugh, and provide a space so they can feel completely at ease with themselves
and, when God pleases, a man I can build my life with; whose desires in life enhance my own; who treats me like a queen, like his best friend, like his wife, like his lover, his partner to love and cherish forever; who I find sexy, adorable, witty, and sweet; who finds me beautiful just as I am and loves me, flaws and all; who makes me better but always lets me know i am worthy and lovable just as I am; who will be a great dad someday; who is independent and strong and will continue to be my hero
and most of all, I desire health and happiness for all the world but especially for those I love; that everyone in my family be cured of all diseases; that they learn to love themselves and find inner peace; that they continue to love and support one another and that i can be the best daughter, sister, niece, cousin, and friend that all of them deserve. that they continue to show the world what love is and all that family can be.
an end to war, an end to the senseless suffering of women especially; that peace and prosperity and unity in diversity reign on the planet; that people have the freedom to realize their best selves and live in societies that support the quest of the individual; that the world stays small but rich in its differences
and that i get to see a whole lot of it!

Wonder Of My Worlds


Positive thoughts and people are magnets for a positive life.


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