I often make the joke that maybe I will someday meet my “frog prince,” aka a French Prince Charming. I have kissed a few, or so, and so far none has transformed into the man of my dreams.

Some versions of the original Frog Prince



Apparently the kissing the frog part wasn’t added until modern times.

But then, the joke is really on me because the story of the Frog Prince is about seeing beyond appearances and us vs them. It’s not really a story about a princess making the frog transform, it’s about the frog helping the princess grow (and relying on her to help him become his true self).

I have been the spoiled princess. And there have been times I have been so focused on trying to find my own true love, in the only way I could imagine he could show up, that I may have been blind to other possibilities.

And yes, maybe a frog could be my one true love. In general, I do rather like/LOVE France.

I like the older version of the story. It’s not the kiss, it’s the intimacy that helps break the spell. Which was in no way the prince’s fault.

And maybe I just need to realize that there is more to people than what it seems on the surface, and see the beauty within no matter how unexpected the form my true love takes.