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I feel like I have less to say and think, and more that I am just accepting.

I’ve been tortured over whether to stay or go, but I know I”m going to stay, and I’ll find a way to make it financially viable.

I’ve found my voice, and learned to listen to my heart, so while I will deal with practical matters, I won’t let greed or ambition or social pressure drown out my inner voice.

Most of all, I won’t let my need for achievement crowd out my happiness in the moment. I will let myself feel happy no matter how “imperfect,” I may be or how far I have strayed from the plan.

I will let myself find my center, and my bottom, and feel my bottomless ego driven desires fulfilled by something deeper and more spiritual.

I will let myself love France, and Paris.

I will even let myself love my corporate job. I’m not working for the man; I’m working for me.

ANd most of all, I will open my heart to love in all its forms. Even if it doesn’t come the way I expected, even if it doesn’t fit the checklist, I will receive the person who fills my HEART with JOY and my soul wih Rapture, and I will let this person into my life and give him a place to stay, permanently.

I will let myself commit.

I will let myself folow God’s path for me an dnot the one that I planned on.

I will let myself love life.

I will stop striving for any outside ideal of perfection.

I won’t put off being happy.

I won’t be fooled into thinking that things or achievements are what life is about.

I will find my meaning in discovery, in giving, in learning and leading, and teaching, and most of all in loving.

I will finally let me love myself.

I will throw away the checklist I had for myself, asking only that I b happy, healthy, truly wealthy, loved, in love, loving, kind, and wise- to be radiant, inside and out.

I am so grateful, and so ready for more good things no matter how far they take me off course! Life is for living.  I’m glad I finally get that.

Truly I am better off than a mere billionaire= while I am open ot change in my life, at this moment I am really, truly, happy an dI have the grace to know it.

I pray the same for you.