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For a change, I’m not trying to swim agains the current and buck the tide.

I’m actually overall pretty happyw ith the direction of my life.

I’ve come to see my career as a string of beads with each bead as a unique experience, and not just about a destination. Yes, there is a comon thread, but ultimately each moment is beautiful in itself as well. ANd maybe I’m not yet all i want to be , but it is about the journey- because that’s what ife is.

I cn be fulfilled in my career even if I’m not doing anything and everything I think I might like.

I’m working from a place of satisfaction, allowing my cup to runneth over, and not lack.

I realize now that a happy life is going to have a lot of ups and downs.

The best decisions you make can still leave you guessing, and they are usually the easiest/hardest to make.

ANd now I am here.

And here is really, truly where I want to be.

I’m so blessed.

I have accepted my secret, even from myself, wish to stay in France indefinitely.

I accept that I found myself here, as an expat, and don’t really want to go back, thoughI Love my country and my family and friends.

I thank God for that, and remain open to the universe.

And so, so happy. A deeply satisfied heureuse, and not just a momentary contente.