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So, as mentioned, I do love France, and I feel at home here. I haven’t lost my spirit of adventure, but I’m not looking to leave anytime soon, and if I do leave, I would like to be able to easily come back.

Not everything is perfect in my life, and I am far frmo a perfect person.

But despite my imperfections, I am satisfied.

My life is realy full.

Like I said, that’s not to say ther’s no room for imrovement.

But hey, that’s part of life.

And “m happy, and not looking to be anywhere else or change my life in any particularly dramatic way- except finding love, btu that’s something I really give up to GOd.

I’ve finally come t othe conclusion that no mater how many wants or dreams I achieve with the grace of God, there will always be more. And many times when you get something you want, even though you love it, there will be moments you kind of hate it to.  But it’s worth sticking with.

That might be the most valuable lesson France has taught me.

And somehow, dreamer of many dreams that I am, this is the dream that I least expectedly to come true, least expected to stick  with, and least expected to love so deeply.

Yes, love.

I don’t know what the future holds, and I do hope to continue traveling and maybe one day finding a temporary home.

But you know what, this is it.

I don’t want to say this is as good as it gets, but I do hve to say, in an imperfect world where there’s no where that’s Heaven on Earth,  I have found my little hexagon of preferred residence.

For now, and maybe forever.

And that’s really something.

THis is  huge change to my inner landscape

TO all my “plans,” and schemes

And also, to the false gods of materialism and fashionable pessimism

To melancholy and excess and being a spoiled child.

I can’t go back to th eperson I was, either.

I am truly changed.

Always adaptable, but really not the same, never the same person.

And I dont

This is a big change for me.

It doesn’t show up on my miles logged, but it does feel like I’ve found a completely new wrld within myself.

And this has forced me to see the place that’s now becoming famiiair, and dear, with new eyes.

ANd I”m not tired of it.