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This year, I’m going to make it a focus to create space in my life for creativity, and also pursue my goals with discipline and fun.

If I wake up just an hour earlier each day, and use the time to write, edit pictures, or do meditation and exercise, I think that will be a total game changer.

While my career is of course really important to me, I’m looking forward to enjoying my job and a little bit of stability. I”m sure there will be a lot to learn and do and for the moment, I”m pretty happy with what I have.

This is huge for me.

No more trying to “escape.”

When the time comes, I’ll leave, but I”m happy to be where I am.

And this is giving me the possibility to really pursue my creative goals.

I just set up a facebook page where I will post all my inspirational quotes and interesting articles. Hopefully I can generate some interest and spread the love beyond facebook and friends.

I want to set up a blog specifically about my life in France, and to publish the book of essays I”ve already written.

There is a lot of room for improvement but I think I need to just get something out there.

I”m hoping that my creative endeavors can also provide a bit of a supplement to my income.  My feeling is that it’s providing people a way to provide value to me since I work to provide value to them. It’s not in any way obligatory but maybe there is someone out there who wouldn’t mind buying me a cup of tea, and if there’s enough someones out there I could buy a new camera lens or fund a trip.

I don’t think it’s offensive since I”m still providing a public good- or so I hope- free of charge. Feel free to share your thoughts on this.

SO yes, it’s healthy eating, going to bed at a reasonable time, and more writing and less Facebooking for me- because I love myself enough to do it.

Speaking of which, it’s now time to clean my apartment…