I’ve gone through most of my life believing there was kind of a secret code, an “abracadabra,” that would reveal life’s mysteries and make everything work.

If I could only find the right philosophy or mindset, I could conquer the world, more or less.

If only I could figure out the missing ingredient, I could attract love in my life.

Once I reach X point in my personal development, money will never be a problem.

I will reach some point in my career and that’s where I will fit perfectly and never need to change again.

And then there’s the pervasive idea that once I find the magic bullet, I will never need to put any effort into being healthy and maintaining my ideal weight again.

Don’t forget that you will arrive somewhere and feel home and at that point all your problems from before will disappear. EMPHATICALLY NOT TRUE, I HAVE TESTED IT. I have found my home, at least for a while, and almost abandoned it because actually when I achieved my dream, all kinds of demons from the lower reaches of my mind wanted to do anything and everything to chase me away. Plus, life is just always going to be easy, anywhere.

Even in Par(is) dise on earth.

A favorite proverb goes, “the key that opens the door may in no way resemble the lock,” or something like that.

I thought of that when I thought of loving someone who did not meet my expectations, in particular.

But the truth is that the key and the lock are of the same material, and the idea there is some locked door is just an illusion, a concept.

All the universe is one. The door and the lock and the key and the paradise that comes after it are all illusions.

There is no secret formula, secret code, philosopher’s stone.

All those things simply teach that there is no real difference between lead or god, and me and you are just illusions too.

Just helpful concepts.

Yes, we exist, but we exist as part of the fabric of Creation. We are part and parcel of every stitch.

And in this, we are never alone, in this, we are miracle workers, in this we are the miracle.

So don’t fret.  The emperor has no clothes. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.