Life is wonderful.

Really divine and cosmic and sacred and sublime.

Always trying to save you from yourself, always fulfilling your deepest yearning.

Never letting you settle or rest in anything that’s not to your highest good.

And so a few days ago, I was brought to my senses-

This is not the moment to buy a house, this is the moment to travel the world.

My work is not my worth, my job must never be my identity;

Yet it is sustenance for which I am grateful.

And with that abundance, I will create.

It is time for a creative explosion.

It is time to raise my voice and listen to myself for once.

It is time not to be arrogant or judgement or critical of myself or others, but to recognize the greatness that I aalready am,

And do the one thing the universe needs from me-

to be myself.

Even if it means all the idols will be shattered on the floor,

and my opinions will be scattered on the four winds,

And I give up the bittersweet illusion of control,

And accept with grace whatever comes my way.

I have it all when I have myself.

ALl that ever was, and all that ever will be.