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I recently stumbled across the blog of another person with my first name. Hers is called “seeking somewhere.”

The numerology of my name says something about visiting many lands.

Strangely enough, this travel blogger has been to some of the places that I hope to visit soon- Turkey and the Caucasus, among others.

She is also not blogging for the money, and has a profession in the communications field as well.


realizing my surface similarities with this person made me realize more about how I am.

And my thoughtful blog name has come true!

I have become unlost through translation.

The English/French interface of fillefrancofun has led me out of the wilderness, and I do feel the most myself somewhere in between by native language and my chosen one.

Fillefrancofun is more than a pseudonym, it’s a way of life.

And I do feel that my layers of identity have showed me who I really am, or rather, created a new me, the seed of which was there all along.

This is not something I plan on growing out of, as I’d thought at first, nor do I want to.  This is my mature, adult self, and it feels good, and right, and joyous.

Words are powerful. Use them wisely and don’t despair.

And thank God! I am so unlost.

Thank God for my lost times, and thank God, I am found, created, made, acknowledged, respected, understood, admired, LOVED. By me, of course.

And others 🙂

Thank you for following me.