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At this point when I go on dates, I’m not particular hopeful but just try to keep an open mind. I have a better and better idea of what I want, which of course, could go out the window if I meet the right match, I try to base my criteria on values and desired lifestyle, which seems reasonable, but I definitely date outside of that, although perhaps that is a waste of time.

What I have learned is how to say no and how to say goodbye, and when to walk away.

Thanks to my many swipes left, failed first dates, and heartbreaks, I am getting closer to myself.

Rather than constantly try to force something to work and wonder what if, I have learned it’s better to just walk away.

This was not an easy lesson, but realistically, if you don’t meet your true love at 16 or something, you are going to have to say no a lot more times than you say yes.

Here’s hoping you can “no” your way to true love- at least you’ll be open when the moment comes.

If you say no to what’s wrong you are halfway there.