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So I’ve started Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and I just posted in a group about practical metaphysics. I got in touch with my old beau that I met as if by magic, and I’ve become newly amazed at the grace of living in my dear beloved France, much as all I want to do is travel! not to mention that my work lets me be part of an amazing team and I continue to grow and progress in my career. My life is literally bursting with blessings, not least of which is my therapist who plans to come to my play in a few months.

And the fact that I’ve given up binge eating and am mostly on the path back to the straight and narrow road of self care.

But why not let a few truth bombs explode in cyberspace? I don’t want to be a straight up Catholic anymore, I feel closer to Buddhist teachings. But I still love the Virgin Mary and what Jesus really taught. I want my life to teach people and open their minds and hearts. The main possession I care about is a heart full of memories and wonder. And yes, travel is a secular form of worship though I’d say it’s more mystical. I’m a pilgrimage for no reason other than the pure desire for pilgrimage. It’s not always a god or a saint I am going to see, it’s most likely just beautiful, flawed humanity and the raw beauty of nature. Yup, pretty much that. And I think that’s beautiful, wonderful, perfect.

If my disease comes from losing my sense of God, maybe the answer is to create one. Or rather, accept where I have found God, which is everywhere, even where he/she/it wasn’t expected to be. Maybe I won’t go to mass anymore, but I need to create my own ways of worship, and find communities that support me to live the life my deepest truth calls me to.

Let the miracles begin!