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be a digital nomad

become a teacher again

facilitate cross cultural understanding

start that travel blog

share your beautiful thoughts with the world

do a pull up!

stop forcing your body to be a certain size or shape

be happy

don’t wait till its all figured out, we live in an ever shaking kaleidoscope

do those morning pages

do a ten day vipassana meditation retreat

stand on that surfboard for two seconds more

do a multiday hike

let yourself be seen and loved

don’t judge books by their cover

focus on friends, health, and creativity to be happy

remember the best things in life can’t be bought or earned, they are only possible with grace

step out of the shadows and be your real self. a winning outcome is not turning shaving off a square peg so it fits in a round hole it is that you cast off the mold entirely and let the creative energy of god through you, and believe every second you deserve it!