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I never imagined a future with you–

not even breakfast.

I thought I loved someone else, far away,

a daydream I thought was real.



I pushed you away as I drew you to me,

Telling myself it was just lust and your kindness.

I never imagined four years later it would be you, that

I’d shed

pure, clear tears

of sorrow.


I always thought love was knowing

And beautiful dreams, and a perfect match.


I never thought you would conquer me,

I never imagined our future.


I remember when we parted

The same pure tears

A crystal stream,

A clean wound

No disappointment, only sadness.


Maybe it was love because it was only for a moment

No expectations.

But I pushed you away as I clung to you in passion,

Afraid to love you too deeply,

to feel.


When finally we met again, I really loved you-

seeing you for the first time.

I would have followed you anywhere

I knew you were worthy.


I thought perhaps, your heart doesn’t really belong to her.

Your eyes are still the same when you look at me.


And maybe they will always have that same luster,

but you’re not mine.


The love I never looked for,

The one I couldn’t get back.

A clear, pure light.



I miss you, friend.