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So long story short some recent events had me questioning myself for the bajillionth time about my life path in France and my self worth in general. I realized, not for the first time, that up to this point a lot of my life choices have been driven by the desire for external validation and while I am living a life true to myself in some ways, I would like to create better alignment between who I see myself to be and my profession.

I also realized today, finally that

Success can only be internal. There is no external success.

You are only a success if you allow yourself to be a success in your own eyes. You must feel successful in order to truly be successful.

You can have done any number of extraordinary things and have received any kind of honor or prestige or money from society but society cannot make you a success. Material wealth cannot make you a success either. Only you can.

I choose to be a success, to feel successful, to appreciate myself, to be grateful for my success?

How am I successful? Let me count the ways:

I am a child of God

I am brave

I am curious

I am wild

I am beautiful

I am kind

I am compassionate

I am creative

I am free spirited

I am authentic

I am strong

I am persevering

I am gentle

I am generous

I am vulnerable

I am sensitive

I am open


I am so much more than my grades, so much more than my bank account, so much more than my job.

I am a roaring success now in so many ways.

I live my values:

I learn as much as I can

I am kind to others

I express myself

I live in a place I love, thanks to the grace of God and my own pluckiness

I change my opinions and ways of thinking when I find a better way

I face challenges in order to live the authentic life that calls me

I inspire and empower others to create the lives they desire

I look deeply in my own heart

I have chosen Buddhism as my spiritual path, taking all my openness and self-kindness and real courage

I develop myself through coaching and travel

I trust the process because I trust myself.