Poems I can share


When the wells run dry

And the earth has breathed its last

I want to run with you

Deep into time

And hide away

Where there is no sun

But the spark between us.

In the dark,

Where I see you best.



Is a grain of sand

But I want to swim in the ocean

The luscious ocean

And let the salt of God’s tears

Wash me

Until there is no more sorrow.

But today is a grain of sand

I have to seep past it,

Into dark secret space

Where earth does not extend,

To find Him.


Watcher, silent witness, voyeur



hiding your face

Your outline so blurry

Eros in the night

to my Psyche, to my soul

Love me, take me

back to your castle

And away from the lonely earth.

My love, how I’ve missed you.

You take my heart every time.

All you leave me with is words.

Muse, are you prepared to look upon

The convulsions you have wrought?

You left just after my ecstasy-

Have you come to abide with me?

Will you contain my passion?

Will I suffer more

In the torment of your absence

Or the heat of your presence?

My heart is seared, my soul is on fire

I can take you,

Mind can hold you,

I dare try.

I would rather risk insanity

Than be separate from you.

Beautifu, damnedl irrationality,

don’t go!

You who are me, yet so far gone.

Don’t leave me again!

Carry me to heaven,

If you want to see more

Than the poems I can share,

This I say:

All but the beating of my heart is on the page.

So ask, what makes you want to see?


To see inside another mind


To seek inside another soul?

Love, yes love

Because you look in my eyes

To see yourself reflected

And now you want to look into my eyes

To see me?

I seek not adoration,

I seek not devotion,

Just love that understands

from all,

I ask your gentleness, readers.

I pray for

Love to kindle and to tend my flame,

from One.

2 thoughts on “Poems I can share”

  1. So beautiful. So deep. So true…

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